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Low-Cost Press Release Distribution Package – Price Only $15

PRBUZZ Press Release Distribution Plus. Our PRBUZZ distribution service uses the popular basic press release service but with added extras. As well as sending through the press release through PRBUZZ, we also put the press release in Google News.

PRBUZZ is a company that offers a basic press release distribution service for those that cannot afford a more powerful service. The company charges $299 which is limited to distributing press releases for a single company.

For those people who want to distribute a press release for more than one company, PRBUZZ press release distribution charges a staggering $499 for the year. This is a very high price to pay for a basic service. We help reduce those prices by offering a PRBUZZ press release distribution service without paying a huge subscription fee.

We have launched a PRBUZZ Plus distribution service which gives people value for money. Instead of paying out $299, or $499, our service costs just $15 and includes the press release being put in Google News. 

As well as the press release being distributed through PRBUZZ, we also promote the press release through social media which helps to increase the exposure.

PRBUZZ Press Release Distribution

  • 250+ Newspaper, Radio, TV Websites and Social Media including:

  • Newspapers & Major News Sites

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  • (For a distribution service that will generate a PR Buzz for your campaign our low cost press release service is a great option)

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  • (Our Press Release Buzz service costs just $5, which includes social media promotion)

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  • (The press release will be promoted to over 120,000 Twitter Followers)

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  • (We offer agency plans on our low cost press release distribution package)

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