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PRess Release Distribution

We provide off-line and online public relations and marketing services, helping you to increase your brand and profile on and offline, and helping to generate interest in your products and services. Our low-cost Press Release distribution service helps you to get your message out there.

Low-Cost Press Release Distribution Service With In2town Press Release Distribution Services

PRBUZZ Distribution

  • Report Provided


  • Published on
  • Syndication to 80 Financial Feeds
  • Syndication to 132 Newspapers & News Sites
  • Syndication to 36 Industry News Sites
  • Syndication to 96 Regional & Local News Sites
  • Syndication To Google News
  • Bing Inclusion
  • Promoted through social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Full Report Provided


  • Published on
  • Syndication to 124 Premium outlets
  • Syndication to 80 Financial Feeds
  • Syndication to 132 Newspapers & News Sites
  • Syndication to 36 Industry News Sites
  • Syndication to 96 Regional & Local News Sites
  • Syndication To Google News
  • Bing Inclusion
  • Promoted through social media including Facebook and Twitter
  • Full report provided

In2town Press Release Distribution service provide you more exposure for your dollar. We have different low-cost syndication services available which Start from our basic package (PRBUZZ), which we like to call our Fiver Press Release Distribution service.

Our Fiver press release distribution service provides you with a press release syndication service through PRBUZZ. The PRBUZZ syndication service is a basic service

As well as offering our Fiver press release distribution service (PRBUZZ), we also offer more popular service to get your message out there and put your business, product, or service in Google News.

In2town Press Release Distribution service prides itself on get you as much exposure for your press release as possible. That is why we provide social media marketing on our Premium and Premium Plus press release distribution service. Each press release order comes with a full report.

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Press Release Writing

We can help you gain exposure through our professional and low cost press release writing service. We can also include distribution, Read More


Content Writing

Our team of professional writers can provide powerful content for articles, website content or promotional content Read More

Ebay Marketing

Our Ebay marketing and promotional services help you to gain more exposure for your Ebay products. We offer a number of services including Ebay product press release service Read more

Book Promotions

If you are an Author or a publishing house then we can help you promote your book. We provide a wide range of services to gain authors more exposure for their book, including a book press release writing service. Read more


PR Distributions

In2town Public Relations provide a wide range of press release distribution services to help you gain online and off-line exposure.Read More

Public Relations

We provide a professional low cost public relations service helping you to gain the exposure that you need.

Amazon Marketing

Our Amazon product marketing service helps to gain the exposure for your products. We have a number of services available. Read more

Copywriting Service

Well-written, engaging, and persuasive copy is key to any site. We can help you engage your audience.

Social Media Managment

We can help you to get the message out online through social media. Our team can also manage your social media accounts

Crowdfunding Marketing

In2town Public Relations can help to gain their exposure you need for your Crowdfunding campaign. We offer a wide range of services including a Crowdfunding press release service

Reputation Management

Your reputation is important to us and we aim to work with you protect that reputation and enhance it.

Media Relations

We provide a professional media-relations service, help you gain the exposure you require.

Press Release Distribution

Do you have a story that you want the whole world to know about but don’t know how to go about doing it yourself? Do you want to build high authority and quality backlinks to your site? Do you want to increase your site’s traffic, sales and search engine rankings to promote your products or services?If so, a high quality press release is the perfect option for you. At In2town Public Relations we have the experience and expertise to be able to create a press release that showcases your brand, service, or product, tailored perfectly to your needs.

As well as providing a professional press release writing service we also provide a low-cost press release distribution service to help our clients gain the exposure they need to launch new products and increase sales. With our 15 years of experience in distributing press releases, we have become one of the most recommended press release syndication companies where our services are recommended on many Facebook groups including Amazon seller groups.

We offer a low-cost press release distribution service from five dollars, which we like to call our fiver press release distribution service. This service puts the press release on PRBUZZ, but we also have other services that gain wider exposure such as our premium service where we distribute the press release to 500 news sites, including Google News, and Bing News.

We provide our premium distribution service for $35, but if you are looking for something that fits more within your budget, then we can provide a service that puts the press release on 250 news sites and Google News for $20.

We have the capacity of handling hundreds of press release distribution orders each day, where each press release is distributed within a few hours, and a report sent within 24 hours.

Content Writing

We, at In2town make sure that you get the best and the most professional content writing services, article writing services and blog writing services, for your Business in UK. Our skilled and professional team of content writers, produces 100% original, plagiarism free, error free and engaging article, blogs and web content to help your business succeed in the online world. Our content is aimed towards conversion of clicks into sales and is SEO optimized, to help you show your social presence over the realm of internet.

Copywriting Service

Well-written, engaging, and persuasive copy is key to any site. The text on your site is what will get your visitors to buy your product or want to find out more so making sure that it is of the highest quality is very important.We have a team of expert copywriters who can write the perfect copy for your PR campaign. Anything from a news release or leaflets to website copy and video scripts can be handled by our team, no matter what sort of English you need, British, US, Australian, or whatever else! Whatever your PR objectives and whatever the medium we can take your ideas and deliver incredible results using our years of experience and flair.

Social Media Marketing

The Internet is a fantastic place to build your brand. With more than three billion people using the Internet, it has become an important medium for businesses of all sizes to increase their brand and promote their products and services. Getting in2town Public Relations to handle your brand exposure is a great place to start.Just tell us what your objectives are and what you want to achieve when building your brand online. Wanting to boost your Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers is great, but that isn’t the sort of goal we are looking for. Our UK and Spain based social media marketing teams are experts in online public relations.

Book Promotion Services

Both publishers and independent authors can struggle to market their books to potential readers. With so many people reading eBooks these days the traditional way of marketing books in book shops is becoming less and less important. At In2town Public Relations we know exactly how to market your book online and get readers reading your work.We use innovative publicity and marketing strategies for printed books, eBooks, authors and businesses through TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media, and more to get your books out into the world and to get readers interested in your books.

Amazon Product Marketing

Are you selling your products on Amazon but are seeing your sales drop and want to find a way of increasing them? We know exactly how to help you out.We will get more traffic sent to your product listings and Amazon store page through press releases and a solid social media marketing strategy. Traditional online marketing techniques are just as effective with these listings as with anything else on the internet, so making sure that your marketing strategy is as effective as it possibly can be is just as important as ever.

eBay Product Marketing

Marketing your products on eBay effectively can be an enormous boost to your sales. Boring product descriptions that are just copied and pasted from the manufacturer’s website are pretty standard. But making your eBay listing stand out is important.Combining high quality copy in your advert with social media advertising and press releases is the best way to increase your sales. We at In2town are experts in all of these areas and know exactly how to market your eBay store and listings online.

Crowd Funding Service

Getting funding for your crowd funded idea relies heavily on getting people to visit your page and the awareness that surrounds your idea. The greatest idea in the world won’t make any difference if no one knows about it.We at In2town Public Relations have the expertise and knowledge you need to increase the exposure your crowdfunding page receives. We offer a service of the very highest quality that will save you thousands of dollars compared to hiring other, more expensive consultants.Our solutions are perfect for any sort of crowdfunding idea through any site, particularly Kickstarter, gofundme, and Indiegogo. If you are planning to launch your ground-breaking idea through one of these crowdfunding sites and need a campaign to raise the funds, look no further.

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In2town Public Relations provides services to all sized businesses, from small businesses, medium sized businesses to large corporations. Our services are provided to all types of industries from small retail outlets, insurance companies, record labels, web-hosting companies, SEO companies, marketing companies, health companies, Amazon sellers, and estate agents. We also work with TV personalities and celebrities as well as artists.


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